01 January 2012

How to configure my.ini parameters of Amazon RDS (mysql) ?

Written by Ruchit Patel, Posted in Blog

Configure Amazon RDS without learning Command line API

Database configuration can be changed with APIs provided by AWS. But you have to install the AWS API tools and mess with all command line APIs. When you are in hurry , you don’t have to invest time in learning all this APIs. There must be a GUI way to configure my.ini parameters. I tried hands on all GUI tools and services available and managed to get it done with GUI. Here is what you have to do.

23 December 2011

Dynamically add conditions in linq

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Dynamically apply filters on multiple columns in your linq query with the help of PredicateBuilder class

Sometimes you may want to put "where" conditions in your LINQ query based on some criteria. You want to add dynamically filters in your query based on some conditions.

For ex. I have a table named tbl_Listings which has lots of columns like city, address, postal code, state, listing price, bathroom, bedroom, etc.

Now i want to query all the records if user has not specified any filter. I want to filter city column only if the user has specified city name in the search filter.


03 December 2011

How to Build Apps Business?

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Build a successful business of Apps. Experiences, tips, secrets...

Mobile applications have become the technological battlefield today. Market has "exponential growth" phenomenon and downloads predicted to reach 4 billion this year alone, rising to 21 billion by 2013. This isn't surprising when you look at the number of smartphones on the market and worldwide shipments reported to surpass 390million by 2013, growing at a rate of 20.9 percent per year.

17 August 2010

Asynchronous File Upload in using C# jquery Uploadify

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You might have a need for uploading files asynchronously in using c# with jquery.
here i will give u the best tutorial to do this.
You will need to download the jquery pluggin this pluggin from here.
after u download this file extract this folder and rename it to uploadifyand put...


07 August 2010

Running specific JavaScript after partial postback (update panel)

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It is very easy to register a new javascript after postback, but if u are using a update panel and want to register a new javascript after a partial postback then you must use the different way then u use in first case.
Here is the code to solve that issue.


31 July 2010

Caching output in to improve perfomance

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Hello friends,
this post is to explain how to use caching in to improve performance of application.
whenever you make any function in your application you need to code it in the following way