This is that whole "actually making money" part

We are familiar with a variety of E-Commerce solutions which can be tailored in a Microsoft server environment or a Unix based server environment and can be customized to fit your exact needs. We have an in depth understanding of PHP, MySQL, Java-Script, ASP, .NET, SQL2003, SSL, Secure Certificates, and other technologies which most modern E-Commerce packages are built on..

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E-Commerce Application

If you intend to sell a product or offer a subscription service from your site, you will generally need to integrate an online ordering system (shopping cart system) with a secure credit card payment system. Perfect Blue can create an e-commerce system tailored specifically to your needs with (if required) a management system which will allow you to update the product catalogue yourself via a standard web browser.

Our bespoke e-commerce systems can include:

  • Shopping cart applications
  • Product catalogues
  • Online credit card payment*
  • Online invoicing and stock control
  • Data capture
  • Subscription password allocation and access authorisation
  • Payment Systems for sites selling a single product

If you would like more information, please  contact us and we will be happy to provide any advice you may need.